Nested Operations

Approve/Reject and Execute transactions of nested safes from Owner safes.

Owner/Parent Safe - A gnosis safe that represents a higher authority in the hierarchy with one or more than one signers. Nested/Child Safe - A gnosis safe that represents a lower authority in the hierarchy with at least one owner being an gnosis safe(Owner Safe).

Let's take an example to understand the Operations that can be performed using the Nested Multisig Interface.

Here's a safe(named Child Safe) with 2 owners :

  1. EOA Wallet - Any ethereum wallet (say Metamask)

  2. Parent Safe - A gnosis safe with different signers (represents Owner Safe)

Now, if the signers of Parent Safe logs in to Parcel, they'll see the Transactions tab on the navbar which contains transactions from both - Parent Safe and Child Safe.

Clicking on the Child Safe tab on the navbar opens all the transactions of that safe. The Parent Safe can now perform actions on these transactions since Parent Safe is an Owner Safe and Child Safe is a Nested Safe.

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