Payment Requests

Track, approve or reject payment requests made by safe contributors here.

After DAO contributors are successfully added in the People Section by operators, the contributors can start sending payment request for compensation, reimbursement, or any other purpose to the DAO. Those requests can be then tracked here in this section.

Receiving these requests through Parcel allows DAO operators to have a single area of contribution review & seamless payout processes.

This helps DAO operators track many requests over time and accordingly streamlines payout options across multiple teams within the DAO.

Clicking on a request shows the description provided by the contributor for that request. Operators can choose to approve or reject a request by clicking on respective buttons.

Operators can also select some or all requests to bulk approve or reject by clicking on Approve All or Reject All buttons respectively which appear as soon as they start the selection.

All the approved requests are found in the Approved tab. An approved request can be converted into a transaction by clicking on the payout icon() under the ACTION column. However, if there are multiple approved requests, they all can be clubbed in a single transaction to save gas by selecting all the transactions and clicking on Create Transaction button.

All the rejected requests can be tracked under Rejected tab.

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