People Section

Add and manage the contributors here.

Managing contributors in a DAO is a hectic task, especially as the DAO scales. With People's section, we've tried to make it simpler for DAOs by tracking all the contributors at one place.

The DAO operators need to add contributors in the People's section, which they can do one at a time or in bulk.

Once the contributor has been added in the list, the DAO operators can initiate different types of payments to those contributors. Also the contributors can now send payment requests from their contributor profile enabling operators to have a one-stop shop of work reviews and consequent payouts. This also prevents spam requests from bad actors who might have misused the feature for fraud payments.

To start adding contributors, click on + Add button on top-right or + Add People button in the middle.

Important: It is essential for DAO Operators to add contributors here so that contributors can start creating payment requests.

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