Quick Transfer

For quick, one-off payouts

Parcel offers a compelling feature for quick, one-off payments which are best suited for paying for ad hoc tasks to contributors who might not actively be a part of the DAO structure.

Steps to initiate a quick transfer :-

  • Enter the walletAddress/ENS and name of the recipient. If paying to a contributor who's already added in People's section, these details can be automatically populated from the search bar

  • Select the payout token

  • Enter the value to be paid in either token or usd. Entering one will populate the other as both fields are interconvertible as per real-time value conversion

  • Click on + Add to queue button to add the payout to the payout queue

  • After all the payouts are added to the queue, enter description of the transaction and click on Create Transaction button

If a payout added in the queue needs to be edited or deleted, it can be done by clicking on the three-dots button on the right of the payout. After editing, click on the Confirm Edit button.

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