Parcel Docs

Coordinape Integration

Enables operators to execute payouts based on Coordinape rounds.
Parcel strives to promote composable DAO tooling in line with the ethos of web3. We integrate with third-party apps & deliver a holistic & smooth payroll management experience for DAO operators across the DAO tooling ecosystem.
Our first integration is Coordinape, a community-run platform that enables a DAO to decide compensation allocation among contributors in a collaborative, peer-to-peer manner.
Coordinape supports reward allocation consensus. However, it does not support payment settlement. Circle admins had to obtain the CSV of a completed round & manually decide on preferred token allocation before executing it through a payment processor like Parcel.
With this integration, operators can now view the details of each circle, the status of epochs with the corresponding list of participants & allocated GIVE scores directly on Parcel. The budget determined by the operator is automatically distributed as per GIVE scores in a simple flow through Parcel saving them from costly errors & hours of admin work.