Approval/Rejection and Execution

Approve/Reject and Execute transactions of Nested Safe from Owner Safe

All the transactions of a Nested Safe are visible in the Child Safe tab on the navbar. To submit an Approval/Rejection for a pending transaction, click on transaction to open the detail sidebar.

On the detail sidebar, all the metadata of the transaction including Description, Category, Type, Status, etc. are provided.

Clicking on the Approve button creates an on-chain Approval transaction on the Parent Safe(Owner Safe). To finally Approve the child safe transaction, this Approval transaction needs to be approved and executed by Parent Safe signers.

On the Parent Safe, the Approval Transaction detail sidebar shows what exactly the signers are going to approve and execute.

For submitting a Rejection of the Nested Safe transaction from an Owner Safe, follow same steps after clicking on the Reject button.

After the Approval Transaction has been executed on the Parent Safe, the Child Safe transaction is ready to be executed.

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