Payment Modes

Explore multiple options to compensate/reward/reimburse contributors of the safe.

Parcel offers different methods of payout which cover all needs of a DAO. DAO operators can choose to use whichever method suits their payout need at the moment. To start a payout, click on New Transfer button on the sidebar. Let's discuss the methods in brief:

  • Quick Payout - For quick, one-off payouts

  • Mass Payout - For payouts across single/multiple teams

  • CSV Payout - For a large number of payouts, airdrops and grants where the payout amount is variable and the number of payees is large

  • Due Payouts - For recurring payouts on weekly/monthly basis

At any point during the payout, the whole payout tab can be minimised by clicking on the minimize button. It can be picked up later from the same point where left by clicking on the Continue Payout button.

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