Nested Safe Interface

Multi signature wallets have become critical infrastructure for the DAO movement securing billions of dollars in treasuries & facilitating capital/operational payment flows for thousands of communities globally in a democratized manner.

However as communities continue to push the frontier of borderless coordination, what had been a couple of signers coordinating capital through a safe for a DAO has now turned into a multitude of stakeholder demands arising from a growing community.

DAOs have employed a hierarchy of either working groups or nests to tackle multiple internal roles (eg. development, growth, legal) in a decentralized manner which is optimal for retaining operational talent.

When DAOs look to run multiple multi sigs for WGs, the shortcoming of the simple multi sig structure is that it does not support a degree of control that DAOs would like to have, especially in the following conditions :

  1. If the working group leads are relatively untested

  2. An active layer of security to prevent WGs from going rogue & protecting the DAO from losses & consequent legal fallouts

How do you facilitate a level of on chain autonomy while having a stopgap to prevent signer malfeasance? -- This is where Nested Safes come in.

Nested safes allow for an abstraction layer where other multisigs can act as a signer along with a person signing through an EOA (personal wallet)

You can have multiple safes or multiple people act as signers for a nested safe.

Parcel has created the Nested Safe Interface for DAOs who have adopted this structure wherein DAO operators can participate in transaction workflows through the parent/DAO multisig without having to personally sign in through multiple WG or subDAO safes

Through Parcel Nested Safes, you can :

  • seamlessly toggle between those key nested safes within our Transactions tab in the sidebar

  • view a segregated context rich transaction history of each nested safe under that respective tab

  • perform your signer duties on multiple DAOs with smooth transaction workflows on the Parcel interface

This eliminates the redundant & messy sign in processes across multiple safes. Parcel makes it easier to operate these safes by providing a clear & informative overview of nested safe transactions boosting transparency for all signers within the safe. The user experience of the transaction workflow is simplified for the operator allowing for seamless oversight of these groups within the DAO.

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