Create a recurring flow to repeat the payouts timely on a weekly/monthly/fortnightly basis.

DAOs deal with a lot of repetitive tasks while running a payroll. They use spreadsheets to input and track team payroll. Finance leads are cautious to ensure the data is input correctly by having personnel review it periodically to avoid mistakes before payroll’s executed.

However, these processes become redundant when applied to core team payrolls & recurring contributor expenses. They take up personnel bandwidth & time.

Parcel has deployed a crucial feature called recurring payouts that eliminate these archaic processes & automate payroll operations. Recurring payouts allow safe owners to deploy payment workflows at a preferred periodic interval be it weekly, monthly or quarterly. Once deployed, the workflows ensure the operator is first notified & consequently payouts are executed automatically at desired intervals. This feature streamlines core contributor payrolls & recurring expenses for DAOs.

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